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  • Better Functionality

The Moccamaster Select is an innovative remake of the iconic bestseller KBG machine. It is the best machine to prepare 2 to 10 golden cups of aromatic coffee. The Select mode regulates the water flow for an optimal extraction from a half-jug. 


  • Better Extraction

Ideal temperature of water between 92° and 96° for a better extraction of the coffee aromas. The new outlet arm with its 9 holes in reflief ensures a better spreading of the water on the grinding. 


  • Precision

The Select offers you the perfect extraction time of 5,5 minutes. The time of extraction should be at least 4 minutes for the perfect deployment of coffee flavours and savours but less than 8 minutes otherwise the coffee would be bitter. With Moccamaster, your coffee will reveal his deepest flavours. 


  • Temperature

The hotplate adjusts its temperature to the quantity of coffee in the jug to avoid burning the coffee. 


  • Positioning

The Select corresponds to the luxurious version of the iconic Moccamaster model.

Every machine is handmade and tested in the Netherlands.


  • 5 Years of Guarantee

Refurbished - SELECT - Polished Silver

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  • Dimensions / Weight : 17x33x36 cm / 3.7 kg

    Capacity : 1.25 L - 10 cups 12,5 cl

    Power : 230 V - 1520 W